Sep 30, 2010

Welcoming October!

Posted by lydia1212 at 10:32 PM
Hi and Hola.

Yay! October comes very soon. Only 3 months to go and we will say good bye to 2010 - hmm 
Did u achieved ur resolutions so far? 

Lots of wonderful things will come in October ^______* and surely will be the busiest month ever for me -

4th - 9th : King park Hotel, Tawau - Kursus Induksi Khusus for Kumpulan I (Siri 1/2010)

11th : Exam for Local Authorities @Dewan Maksak Likas

14th : Full Board Meeting

20th : Ceremony @JPN & Parents' Wedding Anniversary (31st)

18th to 29th : On leave

My wedding will be held sometimes in October (Will announce soon). Yay! Preparations are about 80% so far but I will make sure it will be done at least one week before the wedding. I will send all the invitations at least 2 weeks before (supaya kamurang inda lupa) hehehe...... *Butterflies in the stomach*

Hopefully everything will run smoothly and I'm giving my best to pass my Course & Exams~

I had just submitted my application for my Bachelor Degree @UiTM (ePJJ) for December's Intake, but I am a bit sad for not able to continue my accountancy since they don't have ePJJ for the BACC program except for PLK which means I have to attend classes every day after office hours. Since I am not in KK I am not able to attend the classes if I enrol the program. So I pick Administration Science & Finance as a second choice. **Finger crossed**

It was just like yesterday I graduated my Diploma and I can't really wait to further my studies again. The fact is that it has been 6 years since my graduation but I am sure I can do it one more time - I guess it's not too late - Maybe some of you wonder why I didn't pursue for the BACC straight after my Dip program - it's all because I wanted to do it with my own expenses and not to depend on my parents' since they have done a lot - and my achievements - happens because of their's unconditionally love and I believe nothing on earth could repay the 'sweats' - and loves they have given/taught me, even though I may give them A Million - still can not compares to what they have done to make me a better person - today! Big thank u to my parents. **Tears**

Lord, I pray to You - and I am begging You - let them pick me as one of the ePJJ students ~ I will give my very best! Amen.

Til' then, take care and please pray for me okay? Thanksssssssssss!

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