Apr 20, 2011

God's greatest gift

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Hi and Hola.

Until today, I've not been blogging for 3 months. Hoho. Punya lama :p

I was in my 6th weeks of pregnancy during that time, now I am in my 24th weeks. 
How fast time 'flies', betul-betul tidak sedar oh :D

I couldn't imagine that I went through the very 1st trimester and now 2nd trimester is going to end soon ^.* Thanks God I managed to go through the morning-sickness - the nauseas, the hormonal changes - now I feel much, much better. I still remember during my 1st trimester - I had nausea, flu, etc... almost every night, especially during the 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy - but I think this pregnancy doesn't give me much 'troubles' compared to others. 
Once again, thanks God.

I asked my friends whether I look fat or not and all of them said that I am 'lighter' compared to the pre-pregnancy time. They said "ko punya perut saja yang besar"
I just can't believe it and I started to worry that I might not giving my 'baby' enough nutritions, etc, etc and etc. I ate a lot, but until now, I only gained 4kgs. Is it normal? 

Since this is my first pregnancy, I cried for couple of times because I never experience it before - the curiousness and uncertainity was 'killing' me. 

I still remember when the Doctor did the ultra-sound scanning during my 14th weeks, 
she said "ko punya uri di bawah". 
I asked the risks and she told me that I might have chances to have bleedings until it is back to normal. 
I cried ( a lot ) when I reached home that day. 
Hubby was not around. 
My parents are not around. 
I feel so lost. 
I feel like - I'm losing someone - someone whom I loved so dearly. 
Even though I'm carrying him/ her for just 3 months, I feel the love had bound between us. Very close. 
Now I know how it feels to become a mother. 
The doctor said I can not carry heavy things, or do heavy job. 
How I wished hubby is around to take care everything. 
Hmmmm..... but I know God knew the best - He will make a way - someday.

Last month I had another and it was good to know that it's back to normal already. 
How happy I am. 

When I was in my 20th weeks, I still don't feel the baby's movement, and I was started to worry again. 
Some people said that we can feel the movement as early as in the 16th weeks. 
I was worried, and again, I cried.
I posted a status on my FB regarding this matter and received positive comments from my friends (who had the experiences). 
According to them, for first pregnacy, the baby movement might be a little bit late - 23 weeks and above. 
I have the reason to smile again.

I feel his/ her movements in my 22nd weeks. Very slow movements but I know it's my baby :D
I am happy but I feel worry/ crying (sometimes) if I don't feel the movements.
Sometimes have to make him/ her awake by 'talking' to him/ her.
I don't want to know the gender at the moment, I want it to be surprise.....
Now searching for baby names for boy/ girl, I already had some in my mind but still want to choose the best one. Ngeee...
I pray to God that everything will be fine until the time comes...

My hubby will be around this coming May and we will do baby-stuff shopping ^.*
Oh... and I will be sitting for my examination starting 28th April. Dapat 9 hari cuti khas, you know. 
Will be on leave for approx. 3 weeks starting tomorrow. Hohoho.

There are about 16 weeks to go. I just can't wait. I don't want to think about the 'delivery pain',
because sooner or later, I have to go through it, and I'm sure it's worth to have such pain.

P/S : Happy Easter !!!


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