May 19, 2011

Week 28

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Hi and Hola.

I'm ofiicially in the 3rd trimester. Whew... Another 12 weeks... Hubby came home last 2 weeks and we managed to do baby-stuff hunting. It was exciting! 

I read this site and this is what happenning to my baby and me at the moment.

What is happening to my baby?
The amount of tissue of your baby is increasing. Your baby’s hair, eye lashes and eye brows is getting more distinct and longer. At this stage your baby measures about 25 cm and weighs 1.1kg. -----> (I went for scanning in my 25th weeks and my baby's weight is 1.037kg)
What is happening to me?
Your belly continues to grow. By now it is already about 3 ½ inches above your belly button. You would have gained about 7.7 to 10.9kg up till now. Talk to your doctor regarding excessive weight gain. A screening test called modified glucose tolerance test (MGTT) will be done between 24 – 28 weeks or earlier by your doctor if you have risk factors for developing diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) Some women with gestational diabetes require the hormone insulin to control their blood sugar. In pregnancy, two common types of insulin are used including Actrapid (a short-acting insulin) and Insulatard (an intermediate-acting insulin).  -----> (I have gained about 6kg -and adding- till now, blood and sugar test are done and everything's fine)
What should I plan this week?
  • Learning about how to monitor your baby’s fetal movement. Discussion regarding fetal movement/ kick chart. -(Checked)
  • Arrange with your doctor to do the modified glucose tolerance test (MGTT) which will screen for any diabetes during pregnancy if you have any underlying risk factor. -(Checked)
  • Scan for your placenta location to ensure it is not lying low in the womb (placenta previa) -(Checked)
Tips of the week
Tips on how to do the fetal movement chart:
  • Your doctor will give you a fetal movement/ kick chart which consist of several columns for you to document your baby’s movement daily.
  • Using this chart, you could start monitoring your baby at about 8 or 9 in the morning. Every time you feel your baby’s movement put a tick in the box. You should be able to complete 10 movements in 12 hours. If not see your doctor.
  • Another simple way of monitoring your baby’s movement is by choosing a time in the day when your baby is usually the most active. Lie down or sit quietly and monitor how many times your baby moves. If you have noticed 10 movements before 10 minutes is up you are done for the day. If your baby still has not completed 10 movements within 2 hours, you should call your doctor for advice.
My baby is 'kicking' quite hard nowadays. Wonderful feeling ever :)

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