Oct 28, 2010

Simple update on me

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Hi and Hola.

How's life?

As what I blogged earlier, October would be the busiest month ever to me. Instead of starting my leave, I was being asked by my boss to represent my department to attend a course on Accountability Index which was held at INSAN, Kota Kinabalu on 12 & 13th of October, 2010. Another challenging task for me b'coz I need to report to my boss and at the same time I must make sure the AI being implement in our Department since the auditing will soon be conducted. God, why me?



Will update more later (especially on my wedding).

Thank you and God bless to everyone!

Oct 8, 2010

Olive Bistro

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Hi and Hola.

I am so happy today. Yay! Done with the exam and tonight is the last night i stay here. My flight will be at 1440 tomorrow. I am so happy. What else?
I've got SMS from my boss and he told me the Full Board Meeting which is scheduled on 14th Oct has been postponed but the date is not confirm yet. So, I asked him whether I can take my leave earlier (starting 13th Oct) since I have finished all my important tasks earlier....and he replied "SURE". Yippie!

Erm.....mau makan apa ni malam ah? Hehehe

Oh ya, I took my dinner with a new friend of mine at the near-by restaurant yesterday, but don't have enough time to upload the pics. Since I was craving for the Spagetthi, we dined at Olive Bistro. 

So here it is ;)

Olive Bistro



Honey Lemon Tea

Mouth-watering isn't it? Hehe. 
This is the 2nd time I visit this restaurant and maybe I should be visiting again next time?

Oct 6, 2010


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Hi and Hola.

Haven't blog any since last week. As I blogged earlier, I am now in Tawau to complete my course for my job confirmation. I need to complete 3 things in order to get the confirmation. Yay! I'm almost there. I will sit the examination on the 11th Oct and of course this course also got exam on the last day (Friday). I can say my course is not tough as the 1st one which I completed last March (3 weeks course). I know I can do it.
I didn't spend much time on exploring this place this time since this is the 4th time I come here. In fact, I am so lazy lol. 

Oh ya -  some updates on my wedding preparations.

i) Our invitation card is ready to be distributed to relatives and friends.

could be one of these?

ii) I found my perfect wedding shoes! It's just a simple one, 2' plus, since I rarely wear high-heels and I don't want to stand higher than my groom-to-be. Lol

 may look like the above, but it's not the same - simple saja okey -

iii) Honeymoon venue has been decided. Just near-by & not-so-special I guess but most of all we both can go fishing together :P

 japan? no-lah....

til the next post.......have a great week everyone!

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