Apr 25, 2012

Study Room

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These two weeks are really stressful because I need to complete the Council's 
Annual Balance Sheet and Income Statement. 

But I still have some time to 'dream' of course LOL.

I always wanted to have an ideal study room, I haven't decided what theme color it is but here are some concepts that I might consider in the future.

source: Google

Let's dream xD

Books and Parfum

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Hi and Hola.

I received my 1M Book Voucher with total sum of RM200 and as what we have been told the expiry date was on 31st March. Since the lectures was not started yet we don't know the recommended books so I ended up buying one Recipes Book, 2 novels, stationary and one Baby Foods. LOL! 

And i bought this recently, I'm so into perfumes lately ^.*

~ Treson by Lancome ~

I am blessed indeed...

Apr 18, 2012

The Beauty of Lights

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Taken at i-City, Shah Alam recently

Apr 17, 2012

My Sunshine

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Hi and Hola.

My lil' cutie pie is growing yay! He is now able to stand up all by himself and yet very active... 

He's turning 9mo for less than a week :)

I am blessed indeed :)

Apr 16, 2012

New Look

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Hi and Hola.

It's just a quick update from me :)

I changed my blog to a new template and hoping I will blog more frequently. I wish I can manage my time wisely then.

Stay tune for more ramblings from me. LOL


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