Jun 24, 2010

R.I.P to my cousin Ronney Jefitin and Uncle Jefitin Ginajil

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I've been away from my Blog for a while.

It's not because I don't have any story to be told or it's not because I have stopped blogging.

But I've been very busy lately, datelines killing me softly. Thanks God I managed to finished it all.

There are many stories I want to share at this moment, but first amongst all I want to write about the 'lose' among our close relatives.

It's a shocking news to the entire family when 'father and son' drowned at Dalit Beach on 20th June 2010. I was meeting my friend; Beatrice when my dad broke the news to me. It is around 2.00pm on Sunday afternoon.

Dad : Where are you?

Me: Here, at Warisan Square. Just finished having my lunch.

Dad: What time you are going back home?

Me: I'll back home early. Why?

Dad: Got bad news.

Me: What's happened?

Dad: Ronney and his dad drowned and still missing.

Me: WHATTT?????

Dad: Yes, it's true. They went to picnic at Dalit Beach this morning. It was learned that they are actually saving Evy and Lala.

I was really shocked during that time. Only God knows how it feels. I go home straight after the conversation.

I reaced home about 1 hour later and my mum asked me to go to the Tuaran Police Station. My mum was there and she told me that Ronney's body had been found and kept in the Police Station. His father is still missing.

I still don't believe that he has gone. Can't believe that they're gone. I reached at the Police Station later and found the 'body' lying there. I burst into tears. His head was bleeding and cold. How come this thing happened? The very last time I met him was on 31st May at KDCA. He was a happy-go-lucky person and I juz can't believe it that God took him away. Too soon.

A special Poem dedicated to the late Ronney Jefitin (25 years) by "Sataxonic Axo"
(I've got this from his facebook wall)
I sit around and wonder,
and watch the days go by.
I look at all
the pictures,
and ask, why did you have to die?
You've always
been there for me,
because you were my best friend,
and we was
always there for you
until the very end.

But now it's time to
let you go,
your spirit now is free.
Even though you won't really
be gone,
because you'll live inside of us.

So when we have to
leave you
at your resting place,
I will always remember
smiling, beautiful face and your joke.

This is hardly a goodbye,
so I won't
weep anymore,
because now you're in better place
then you ever
were before.

Even though that we will miss you,
and we think
about you everyday
you'll always be our best friend,
and that's all
I have to say.

His 'body' was sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital later in the evening for a post-mortem thingy.

His father was found the next day, early in the morning by his siblings.

Their 'bodies' were sent home on 21st June. I will never forget when I saw Ronney's face like 'crying'. God, why U took them away at the same day???? I can bear my feeling when I saw his mother crying and crying all the time.....How can they survive later? My aunt is not working and the sisters are still studying. I wish I can help them...I understood that it's fate when God took them away....it's all written.... Father, in Your hands we give our spirit....

I'm hoping that my aunt will get job soon.....but how? Her beloved husband and only son have been gone, but life must go on....

May their souls Rest in Peace.

Jun 9, 2010


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Yay! It's June already.... How fast time flies~ Hohoho!

My holiday had over, and it's a sad thing that HE had gone back to Shah Alam. When U are coming back for good my dear? Forget about it. Let time tell us.

Now it' time to concentrate on my work task. So much things to settle within this month. I hate date lines but I enjoy my job. Stop complaining. :)

Oh yeah, I bought a spectacles. Hahaha...kinda weird wearing it at first. But I must admit that I need to wear spectacles and I prefer wearing it compared to contact lenses. Someday maybe.

My new looks :P

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