Aug 17, 2010

St.Mary's Cathedral Parish Day/ Bazaar Day

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Hello, it's me again. I have been very busy lately with Finance Meeting, ASP, 2011's Budgeting and so on, but thanks God, I managed to handle it all. Okay, let's talk about the above mentioned.

It was held on one fine Sunday, August 15, 2010. Actually I thought I don't have a chance to celebrate that occasion since I've planned to go back to my hometown earlier. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedules and one of my working papers for Budgeting was still unfinished, I have to go to work on Saturday to make sure I finish it before the dateline. Actually it was the editing n final review part only.

Late in the evening, someone knocked my front door. When I opened the door, this aunty gave her sweetest smile and asked me whether I want to follow her and her family for this occasion. Oh my God! I was completely forgot about those thing! Luckily she reminded me to come and join them for the occasion.

Believe me or not, we started our journey at 3 o'clock in the morning and reached there at 5.30am. OLOF Beluran rented two tables and they are selling local foods and drinks like "bosou", "jeruk marang a.k.a tempoyak durian merah", "lihing", "tapai", "noonsom bakas" and few more including local veges and fruits. I helped them to display and arrange some things.

The Eucharist Celebration was held at 7 o'clock and finished about 2 hours later.

Once the mass ended, we rushed to our stall since the Bazaar started as soon as the Mass ended. They are all about 80 stall that day and they are selling lot of things. Beside foods and drinks, they are selling flowers, organics, etc and Fun Fair Corner as well. We don't use RM that day since all of us must buy coupons (min RM10) to make any transaction. Even though it was really hot that day, I can say it was really a fun & an enjoyable day because I helped them to sell some and met some new brothers and sisters in Christ. ^.*

bah I will upload some photos letter.


Aug 2, 2010

**Cuti Mode**

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Haven't blog anything since the past two weeks.
Hohoho....many things happened around that time.

Been very busy with work and holiday as well.
My mind is crowded with couple of things. hahaha

Been to KL~Genting Highlands~Malacca~Ipoh and back to KK.
Ipoh~KK was very pack with workshops and tutorial, from 8.30am to 10.30pm for a week. Really tired but it was fun too. And new friends at the same time *wink-wink*

tempat yang wajib untuk bergambar hehe :p

Now back to my daily routine again. What I don't please most of all is the fact that I think I've gained some kilos. But the weighing scale is still the same as before. hahaha

oh no...I have to report/ brief two big issues to my boss! Especially the Local Agenda 21 thingy....big, big responsibilities on my shoulders to carry on. Lord, I really need Thee. *kneel down & say prayers*

til' the next post....may God bless all of us....

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