Aug 2, 2010

**Cuti Mode**

Posted by lydia1212 at 3:45 PM

Haven't blog anything since the past two weeks.
Hohoho....many things happened around that time.

Been very busy with work and holiday as well.
My mind is crowded with couple of things. hahaha

Been to KL~Genting Highlands~Malacca~Ipoh and back to KK.
Ipoh~KK was very pack with workshops and tutorial, from 8.30am to 10.30pm for a week. Really tired but it was fun too. And new friends at the same time *wink-wink*

tempat yang wajib untuk bergambar hehe :p

Now back to my daily routine again. What I don't please most of all is the fact that I think I've gained some kilos. But the weighing scale is still the same as before. hahaha

oh no...I have to report/ brief two big issues to my boss! Especially the Local Agenda 21 thingy....big, big responsibilities on my shoulders to carry on. Lord, I really need Thee. *kneel down & say prayers*

til' the next post....may God bless all of us....

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