Nov 13, 2011

Blog hiatus

Posted by lydia1212 at 10:51 PM
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Hi and Hola.

My very last entry was on 19th October 2011. I couldn't believe I didn't post anything, and I tried to recall where I were about during those period. I feel lost somewhere and I just don't know about where to start. 

Okay, as what I've mentioned in my FB status, I would spend less time blogging and blog-hopping. I hate myself  just because once I logged on to my FB account, I could spent hours on it. Sometimes I just wanted myself to have the guts to press the deactivate button, but until now I just couldn't do so. 

I was really occupied since last month. I hope I can have enough time to finish my assignments and do my revision as well since exam falls in January 2012 (tidak sporting betul, masih cuti-cuti punya mood masa tu).

And oh.. I went to visit my DH at Shah Alam last month, of course with J.R. We were there for one week, and I was happy because J.R didn't cry at all while we were on board. He didn't sleep either as he was really excited, I guess. Haha. 

Another story, I'm not really in the mood of doing my revision tonight. To be frank, I am SAD. My younger sister has been hospitalised last night. Actually, she will undergo TWO operations when she finish her SPM later. She was born as normal as we are, but at the age of 5, she had been diagnosed with  "Transverse myelitis"I know some of you might ask the reason why, but that's all I could tell, and I couldn't understand either why it happened. I put the blame on God just now. Why now? Why can not wait until SPM is over? Can you imagine how she feels? I've seen her did her revisions, yes, she woke up at 3 a.m, almost everyday, and this is really a heart-break for me knowing that she will do her exam's papers at the Hospital. I hope and pray she is strong enough to overcome this situation. 

Dear sister, although you are not feeling well, prove to the world that you are special in any way. 
All the very best and no matter what, we always love you.


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