Dec 23, 2010

Have a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

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Hi and Hola.

I will be home sweet home later in the afternoon... 1st Christmas as a wife but my hubby couldn't come home for Christmas this year... *sob sob sob*

Anyway, before I leave I'd like to wish all of you....

blessed Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

and Happy New Year 2011.

Dec 22, 2010

day 18th------> a photo of somewhere you have been recently

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Christmas Shopping with lil' brother and sista, with my mum @ 1B
(19th Dec 2010)

day 20th------> a random photo and its description

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I don't really know why, but I just fell in love with it.......
Taken during my recent's wedding @Divine Wedding Studio, the moment before we headed to the church. 
I asked the Photographer to snap a shot while my beloved mum put the veil on.... 

Selamat tinggal bujang.....

A happy beginnings indeed!

day 21st------> your pets

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I am Cat/ Kitten's Lover and I have 4 at home : Gerard, Garfield, Jelita & Teepah 
and the above pics are Garfield ---- he was my cousin's pet,
but she moved to a new house and the new place seems not okay to own pets, 
so we 'adopt' her. 
I am sorry for not able to put the other's pixies. 
I couldn't found where did I store them. 

Lazy anyway.

day 22nd------>your dream house

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 Refer Day 27th & 28th

day 23rd------> how was your day today?

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Healthy and happy.

day 24th------> meaning behind your blog name

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We Remember Moments Pictures, Images and Photos

day 25th------> things you look forward to

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babies Pictures, Images and Photos

Vacations Pictures, Images and Photos

Day 26th -------> Fave cartoon character

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PINK! Pictures, Images and Photos

Tom Pictures, Images and Photos

Day 27th ------> Wishes

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1. A stable job

2. Olympus Pen E-PL1

olympus pen e-pl1 Pictures, Images and Photos

3. Dye and perm my hair

4. Have a Siamese-Cat

5. Own my own house Build my dream house

dream house #5 Pictures, Images and Photos

6. IPad

iPad Pictures, Images and Photos

8. adding......

Dec 12, 2010


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Hi and Hola.

Lama suda mau buat ini tapi baru hari ini ada masa :)

A. AVAILABLE = i'm Mrs. Andrew but still available to be someone's friend



D. DRINK YOU HAD LAST = Nestum with Prunes & Milk

E. EASIEST PERSON TO TALK = Mr. Andrew, my beloved one

From this Moment (Shania Twain) - lagu lama but means a lot to me

H. HOMETOWN = Tuaran

I. IN LOVE WITH = my hubby and my cats

J. JUNGLE = Amazon

L. LONGEST CAR RIDE = Bandar Saujana Putera - Cameron Highlands


M. MILKSHAKE FLAVOUR = Mango / Cappuccino 

N. NUMBER OF SIBLING = 4 (i'm the eldest)

O. ONE WISH = Being rich. hahaha


Q. QUESTION = Yes :)

R. REASON TO SMILE = Loved ones

S. SONG YOU LAST HEARD = Separuh Jiwaku Pergi -Anang

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP = 7.00 am

U. UNDERWEAR COLOUR = erm....blackie

W. WORST HABIT = lack of exercises

Y. YOYOS ARE = my brother's toy

Z. ZODIAC SIGN = Sagittarius

Dec 6, 2010

Blog Challenge --------> The 28th

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Hi and Hola.

So today's challenge gonna be :

day 28-----> things you have been eye-ing on but havent got the chance to own it

 Hmmmm..... I might own my dream house some fine day!

Dec 3, 2010

Blog Challenge ------> Day 29th

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Hi and Hola.

Good morning everyone!
Wonder why I update my blog too early? It's Friday & It's time for the Blog Challenge. :P


Day 29th -------> 3 random photos youve taken 3 years ago

 Taken during my engagement day : 29.12.2007 :

With my best friend : Amy Suzie Yenne Livingstone :
Taken sometimes in 2007 @Pantai Cafe Lounge

Taken during Amy's Engagement
From left : Jc, Amy, Devi, Lydia

Dec 2, 2010

Blog Challenge --------> The 30th

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Hi and Hola.

Everything goes well lately and I'm overwhelmed.

I chose to start with the 30th day challenge. 

-------> photo of yourself today and 3 goods things that happened in the past 30days

 : Today :

3 things that happened in the past 30 days :

#1 ----->  I've got the offer to futher my studies @UiTM (e-learning) 

#2------>  the auditing for AI which is scheduled yesterday has been postponed to next year, and due to the cancellation, I could meet my friends during courses @Swiss-Inn Hotel, Waterfront.

#3------> Not yet confirm, but I think I'm preggie :p

Dec 1, 2010

30 days of Peace -------> Blog Challenge

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Saw this post from -------> Deanona and Joan <--------- and I like it.

Sorry ah tiru2 kamurang : Sharing is Caring ^.*

So I will start tomorrow because I have to do my Assignment today.

2nd December 2010 <---------> 31st December 2010

day 1-----> 15 facts abt you

day 2------> a photo of you & your family

day 3-----> your recent activity

day 4-----> idea of a perfect date

day 5------> when was the last time you did something for the 1st time

day 6------> your celebrity crush

day 7------> a picture of you last 2 years & now,and how u changed since then

day 8------> your dream wedding

day 9------> a song to match your mood

day 10-------> one of your fave photo

day 11------> something you ate today

day 12------> photo of the last item you purchased

day 13------> your footwear collection

day 14------> what you have been doing for the past 1 week

day 15-------> photograph of the town you live in

day 16-------> tv show that you are currently addicted to

day 17-------> your favourite photo of your friends

day 18------> a photo of somewhere you have been recently

day 19-----> whats in your make up bag

day 20------> a random photo and its description

day 21------> your pets

day 22------>your dream house

day 23------> how was your day today?

day 24------> meaning behind your blog name

day 25------> things you look forward to

day 26------> your fave cartoon character

day 27------> wishes

day 28-----> things you have been eye-ing on but havent got the chance to own it

day 29------> 3 random photos youve taken 3 years ago

day 30-------> photo of yourself today and 3 goods things that happened in the past 30days

Nov 30, 2010

Another moments....

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Hi and Hola.

I am soooo happy today because I've got the offer to further my studies. 
I applied for it at the end of the September this year. 
Thank you to my 'sista' Janet for letting me know regarding UiTM's December Intake.
 The intake's result (status) was actually opened since Nov 16th, but I only checked it on the Nov 28th and the result was "Failed"..... 
but, hey I was actually mistakenly opened this -----> LINK (for full-time student), 
instead of this -------> ONE which is for e-Learning's students. 
Hahaha. My Bad. Luckily I asked my bestie which website she opened to check the result. 

So the result is : I'M ON THE LIST!

The course that I've applied for is Bachelor of Science in Administration (Hons). I am so excited because my bestie Amy Suzie would be my study-mate-to-be. 
The registration day will be held on Dec 18th @UiTM KK Campus. 
I can't hardly wait. 
Even though I'm not a full-time student, I belive, more excitements are yet to come.
It was just like yesterday I graduated from UiTM (Diploma In Accountancy).
UiTM would always be my priority. 
As I blogged earlier, I should futher my studies full time, once after I received my Diploma, but .....
#1) I just couldn't afford it, and

#2) I wanted to earn money for the family, and

#3) Dad was the only one who worked in the family, and

#4) I'm the eldest and it's my responsibility to take care of the youngers, and 

#5) the list goes on.....

Now, I feel blessed and would still be happy, after all the obstacles I've been through along the yesteryears, I've got a stable job and i guess it's the right time to chase for my DREAMS
I'm turning 29 this year, but it's never tooo late. 
Thank you God for Your continuos blessings.

My Convocations back in 2004

With one of My Best Friends : Rainie Mimie

With some of the SCSG's members

Maria, Juana, ME, Jaisey & Mimie : BFF Forever


Til' the next post, God Bless everyone!!

Nov 25, 2010

From This Moment On....

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Hi and Hola.

Just came back from the town and while having lunch at the Secret Recipe, they're spinning this song which I included in my Wedding Song Sheets last October. 

Yes.... Honestly, I missed my mister so much. My struggle, our struggle to be closed to each other has not totally come true yet. We still have a long way to go.

The things that keeps me strong are the beautiful moments we shared together 
from the first time we met until today.

So here's the song lyrics that had touched my heart.... the beginning of our very own LOVE STORY.


(I do swear that I'll always be there.
I'd give anything and everything and I will always care.
Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow,
for better for worse, I will love you with
every beat of my heart.)

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment
I will love you as long as I live
From this moment on

I just prayed that the Good Lord will keep him safe and leads him everyday, everywhere.... 
I'll wait for the moment that would finally bring us together ; where we are supposed to be.

Til' the next post, God bless everyone!

Nov 24, 2010

Plus Size Dresses

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Hi and Hola.

A friend of mine which I've known since the Secondary School ranged me this morning and he invited me to share his joy on his upcoming wedding on Dec 7th, 2010. 
He came over to my wedding recently and I know it's a MUST to come to his wedding too. 
My best friend, Mimi asked me last night whether I will go to the wedding or not. 
The wedding will be held on weekday so I couldn't really gave her an answer last night, but after the conversation with the Groom-to-be this morning, Dec 7th actually a Public Holiday. 
Another reason for me to come to the wedding and once again, it's a MUST.
Another friend is also will be having the same ocassion this Saturday. 
Even though Jury didn't attend my wedding, 
I think it's not a good reason to escape to go to the wedding and she's my friend since our UiTM yesteryears back and my dad once told me that we have blood-relation.

Wondering what's on my mind now?
Both of the weddings will be held at hotels and I still not sure what to wear during the occasion. Hmmm.
Not every female is naturally gifted in terms of size. So I am one of them. 
I couldn't fit into my dresses anymore and the fact is I wore dress very seldom. Haha. 
I only have few and wore each of them once or twice for a lifetime. 
I am not happy but I faced it and I accept the way I am. 
 Perhaps God had granted me with other gifts and talentas. 
No matter what size I am, I want to look nice and wear the perfect clothes.

I'm thinking of where to find the Plus Size dress, especially here in Sabah (Kota Kinabalu to be exact). 
I guess not much stores have the dress or clothes compared to KL.  
 Kalau ada pun, tidak banyak pilihan, kan?  
Would someone like to tell/ locate me the place/ store? 
Thank you so much in advance.

Could I find any one of these?

  A-Line (Black)

Hot Red


Til' the next post.

God bless Everyone!


Nov 23, 2010

We Are Sabahan BloggerMania

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Hi and Hola.

Just want to let u know that I've joined this Community.

I am new in this Blogging World and I hope u all can support me.

I've liked the Wasaber's Page on FB too.

I wish I can blog often and visits the page everyday so that my 'name size' would be getting bigger :D

" ONCE WASABER, ALWAYS WASABER" ------> cool ^___^


Nov 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands

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Hi and Hola.

As promised, I would like to blog about my visits to Cameron Highlands. Actually, I am a bit disappointed because my mister didn't bring me to Colmar Tropicale @Bukit Tinggi. I know Cameron Highlands is one of the famous destinations in Malaysia, but I don't really want to get there. Since my mister really want to explore the place and this is our first time visiting there, I don't want to argue.

We started our journey after the breakfast session at Alam Megah, on one fine Wednesday morning where most of the people celebrated Hari Raya Qurban. It was 9.00 a.m and the traffic is still clear. The only way to get to Cameron Highlands is by road. Until a few years back, we could only get to Cameron Highlands from the south via Tapah but since the opening of the Simpang Pulai road, travelling to the highlands has become much more easier. The road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands is narrow and has a lot of sharp bends. So we chose Simpang Pulai route to reach there which is about 350km (approx. 2 hours) to reach Simpang Pulai from our place.  The road condition is much better here than the Tapah route and it only takes about 1 hour to get to Kampung Raja from Simpang Pulai. Driving up this road is a pleasant experience as it gives us some great views of mountains. 

I regretted to found out that the temperature has been rising and it's HOT. 

For more info you can visit here

  ~ Us ~

~ The Flowers ~

~ The Cactus : Saya jatuh cinta sama kamu ~

 ~ Strawberries & other fruits ~

~ Souvenir & Gifts ~

Just a simple post from me......
( I don't really enjoy this place at first - but I would like to thank u my mister 
because he brought me to this place).

My footprints are still there ;p

One word to descricbe this place :


Til' the next post, God Bless everyone!


Nov 21, 2010

I'm back

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Hi and Hola.

I was at my husband's place (Selangor) for the past one week. 
That was the reason for my disappearance :p
I didn't bring my lappie and the internet connection was so slow during that time. 
Huh. Nothing much I did ecxept sleeping, cooking & washing while my mister went to work.
 Jadi full-time housewife for a week :D

My husband brought me to the Cameron Highlands on Hari Raya Qurban. 
About 4-5 hours driving from Bandar Saujana Putra. 
 I will blog about Cameron Highlands since it was my first visit there.
 Nothing really special.

Will update soon - when I have the time.
Bah kamu tinguk ini montaj - uploaded by mr Boan, our videographer.

Til' the next post, take care and God Bless!


Nov 11, 2010

What's In Your Bag?

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Hi and Hola.

Saja suka2 this time. This post was actually tagged by Stella and it's interesting. 
Macam yang dalam Majalah tu kan ^_____^


My handbag - given by my Mum

For Coins, Handphones & Money

For Self-Confidence

And etc..... Hehehehe

What's in your Bag?

God Bless everyone!


Nov 10, 2010

Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine (Philippines Rep)

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Hi and Hola.

I'd like to share with you all the pictures I took from 25th - 30th March this year which I had an opportunity to visit (pilgrimage) to this place called "Kamay Ni Hesus" means "Jesus's Place" in English translation. 
(Please correct me if I am wrong).

The 6D + 5N visits was really great. I was almost couldn't make it because I was on a three-weeks course (Kursus Induksi) during that time and the examinations was happened the same day on the day I should leave to the Philippines. Luckily, my flight was at 2pm and I go straight to the T2 Airport after finished my exams at 12.30pm. Thanks God I could make it and I passed the examinations at the same time ^____^

The visit was actually held during the Holy Week. The people are very friendly and i found that it's interesting to know that the Mass was held almost every hour, but still many people come. During our last day @Kamay Ni Hesus Shrine, we had the chance to attend the Healing Mass @The Healing Church and I could say many people are cured during the Mass.

If you want some information regarding this place, please visit this site

Here are some of it (pardon me coz i'm not good in taking & editing pictures ) :

In front of the Hostel ~

We did the Station of the Cross here - with 292 stairs - awww sangatlah tinggi :)

Statues everywhere - they looked so real!

50 feet Statue of the Ascending Christ - third biggest in the world

With my momee........

Local Sisters and Sisters from Malaysia

~ Garden of Eden ~

The Rosary Hill

May I bring her home, please.............. (@Convent)

The Oldest Church

Other Churches we manage to visit 


Celebrated the Palm Sunday Mass ~

And the mouth-watering foods ;p


'Halo - Halo' & errr.. Big Apple ? Actually it's Mister Donut

Ready to fly back home ^.*

It was such an unforgettable experience and I wish someday I will visit this Place again.....

One word to describe this place : 


God Bless Everyone!



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