Nov 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands

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Hi and Hola.

As promised, I would like to blog about my visits to Cameron Highlands. Actually, I am a bit disappointed because my mister didn't bring me to Colmar Tropicale @Bukit Tinggi. I know Cameron Highlands is one of the famous destinations in Malaysia, but I don't really want to get there. Since my mister really want to explore the place and this is our first time visiting there, I don't want to argue.

We started our journey after the breakfast session at Alam Megah, on one fine Wednesday morning where most of the people celebrated Hari Raya Qurban. It was 9.00 a.m and the traffic is still clear. The only way to get to Cameron Highlands is by road. Until a few years back, we could only get to Cameron Highlands from the south via Tapah but since the opening of the Simpang Pulai road, travelling to the highlands has become much more easier. The road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands is narrow and has a lot of sharp bends. So we chose Simpang Pulai route to reach there which is about 350km (approx. 2 hours) to reach Simpang Pulai from our place.  The road condition is much better here than the Tapah route and it only takes about 1 hour to get to Kampung Raja from Simpang Pulai. Driving up this road is a pleasant experience as it gives us some great views of mountains. 

I regretted to found out that the temperature has been rising and it's HOT. 

For more info you can visit here

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~ The Cactus : Saya jatuh cinta sama kamu ~

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Just a simple post from me......
( I don't really enjoy this place at first - but I would like to thank u my mister 
because he brought me to this place).

My footprints are still there ;p

One word to descricbe this place :


Til' the next post, God Bless everyone!


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