Jun 9, 2010


Posted by lydia1212 at 7:34 PM
Yay! It's June already.... How fast time flies~ Hohoho!

My holiday had over, and it's a sad thing that HE had gone back to Shah Alam. When U are coming back for good my dear? Forget about it. Let time tell us.

Now it' time to concentrate on my work task. So much things to settle within this month. I hate date lines but I enjoy my job. Stop complaining. :)

Oh yeah, I bought a spectacles. Hahaha...kinda weird wearing it at first. But I must admit that I need to wear spectacles and I prefer wearing it compared to contact lenses. Someday maybe.

My new looks :P

2 whisperer[s]:

Cath J said...

Hi..visiting your blog from bcbuddy... ^_^

love your template.. :)

lydia1212 said...

*thank u Cath....happy reading....u can have the same template if u like ^.*


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