Oct 6, 2010


Posted by lydia1212 at 6:18 PM
Hi and Hola.

Haven't blog any since last week. As I blogged earlier, I am now in Tawau to complete my course for my job confirmation. I need to complete 3 things in order to get the confirmation. Yay! I'm almost there. I will sit the examination on the 11th Oct and of course this course also got exam on the last day (Friday). I can say my course is not tough as the 1st one which I completed last March (3 weeks course). I know I can do it.
I didn't spend much time on exploring this place this time since this is the 4th time I come here. In fact, I am so lazy lol. 

Oh ya -  some updates on my wedding preparations.

i) Our invitation card is ready to be distributed to relatives and friends.

could be one of these?

ii) I found my perfect wedding shoes! It's just a simple one, 2' plus, since I rarely wear high-heels and I don't want to stand higher than my groom-to-be. Lol

 may look like the above, but it's not the same - simple saja okey -

iii) Honeymoon venue has been decided. Just near-by & not-so-special I guess but most of all we both can go fishing together :P

 japan? no-lah....

til the next post.......have a great week everyone!

3 whisperer[s]:

Mimi said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.. Have fun doing the preparation! And thanks for vising my blog.

Nina Manson said...

Am I invited? Kekeke.. Joking ah! Thank you for following my blog, I'm following you too!

Anyway, all the best for your wedding k!

Hugs from Nina.

lydia1212 said...

everyone is invited actually ;)


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