Sep 21, 2010

Goodbye Holiday

Posted by lydia1212 at 10:38 PM
Holiday was over and here i am with my routine duhhhhhhh! :P

i took a week = 5 days annual leave and did my wedding preparation with my beloved fiance. i am happy coz we managed to settle above 80% of the preparation. we went through few tiring days which we started our 'mission' early in the morning and ends almost 10 o'clock in the evening; from church, wedding gown, cake, flowers, guest book, banner/ bunting, invitation, foods, etc - everything. all deposits also settled at least 70% and above. hohoho...kalo sya tau begini sya inda mau kawin - hahaha - juz kidding okay ^_____^

it was fun anyway and i am really glad we did the preparations together since the distance among us were really far and it means we don't have much time to do the preparations together. i could see that he's serious into marrying me and that's the best part amongst all - minta puji oh sya kan - i know i will be missing all these things in the next few years in the future. and who knows over 20 years later i will share about the wedding preparations to my daughter and son (waaahhh sampai ke sini pula). possible right?

the 20% still in progress yet but it is only the small-small thing i guess hahaha. hope so i wont miss anything. of course i did my check list but nobody's perfect, right?

-adrenalin rush-

i am begging to myself to control my carbs n sweet foods intake.

i need a month extra -

and my free treatment with rm300 voucher still not done due to my busy schedule - did i mentioned about this earlier? forget it. but i'm just hoping that i can do the 4 weeks treatments which is equal to 20 sessions before my special day.

i promise i will finish the programme :)

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