Sep 22, 2010


Posted by lydia1212 at 9:35 PM
i started my exercise on a treadmill today - lol - pemalas kan mau pigi jogging, but i really enjoy it and i sweat from hair to toe....especially my face, i like when my face got sweats, saya rasa saya cantik lol ~

i did my warming up b4 running on the treadmill. i know maybe it's too late to do the exercise matter to lose some kilos b4 the wedding but better late than never kan kan?

i promise to myself that i'll do my exercise regularly (morning n evening)and my fiance had promised that he'll give me some special treat if i manage to lose 5kgs (padahal saya yg minta hadiah) lol

ok here's some info about the treadmill (credit to google) lol

A treadmill is an exercise machine for running or walking while staying in one place. The word treadmill traditionally refers to a type of mill which was operated by a person or animal treading steps of a wheel to grind grain (see treadwheel.)

The machine provides a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt and an electric motor or a flywheel. The belt moves to the rear allowing a person to walk or run an equal, and necessarily opposite, velocity. The rate at which the belt moves is the rate of walking or running. Thus, the speed of running may be controlled and measured. The more expensive, heavy-duty versions are motor-driven. The simpler, lighter, and less expensive versions passively resist the motion, moving only when the walker pushes the belt with their feet.


Row of treadmills in use

As a cardiovascular exercise:

* Treadmills offer the benefit of reduced impact since all treadmills offer some sort of shock absorption. Exercising on a treadmill can reduce the strain to the ankles, knees and lower back that would be involved in running on a normal surface.

As an indoor activity:

* Users who would not run/walk outdoors (e.g. due to unfavorable weather conditions, uneven road surfaces, dangerous neighborhoods or unwanted attention) may use an indoor treadmill.

* Users who do not wish to join a gym may use an indoor treadmill at home.

* Users can do other things while exercising, such as watching television or reading.

As a machine:

* Enables exact calculation and adjustment of slope and speed.

* As many of the factors of the activity are known, the energy expended may be calculated.

* Some treadmills have special features such as step count, heart rate monitors, and number of calories expended.

Scientific usages:

* Treadmills are used in the International Space Station by Astronauts as an effective countermeasure against weightlessness. 


As a cardiovascular exercise:

* Running on treadmills is easier than running on an equivalently flat distance outdoors because the ground is smooth and there is no wind resistance. A common misunderstanding is that it is easier because the ground is pulled beneath you. But the movement is relative and it would be the same as running on the deck of a ship which moves relative the terrain. Studies measuring the difference find that an average person running between 5 miles per hour (8.0 km/h) and 9 miles per hour (14 km/h) will expend between 0 and 5 percent more energy running outdoors. A person running outdoors faster than 10 miles per hour (16 km/h) (6 minute mile pace) will expend up to 10% more energy than an indoor runner. Treadmills can approximate the additional effort of running outdoors by setting the incline to 1%.

* Some treadmill runners develop bad running habits that become apparent when they return to outdoor running. In particular a short, upright, bouncy gait may result from having no wind resistance and trying to avoid kicking the motor covering with the front of the foot.

* Imposes a strict pace on runners, giving an unnatural feel to running which can cause a runner to lose balance.

As an indoor activity:

* Many users find treadmills monotonous and lose interest after a period.

* Treadmills do not offer the psychological satisfaction some runners get from running in new locations away from the distractions of home.

As a machine:

* Treadmill calorie counters overestimate the number of calories burned by up to 15-20%, according to some reports.

* May cause personal injury if not used properly. Of particular concern are children who reach into the treadmill belt while it is running and suffer severe friction burns that may require multiple skin grafts and result in lasting disability.

* Cost of purchase, electrical costs, and possible repair is significantly greater than running outside.

* Takes up space in homes.

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♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

"i like when my face got sweats, saya rasa saya cantik lol ~" <-- I like this statement! Hahaha..

All the best in getting in shape, moi ;-) Sa pun mau juga daa lose weight tapi sa rajin lagi memasak + makan berbanding mau jogging. Hehe


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