Sep 30, 2011

My Story #4

Posted by lydia1212 at 10:54 PM
Hi and Hola.

Sejak ada baby ni macam malas mau tulis entry panjang2, baru saja idea keluar, sana la juga baby memanggil hehe. Tapi walau apa pun, syok tau ada baby, buli paluk + cium setiap masa LoL. Kalau c baby pandai cakap misti dia kasi tau dia panat kena cium2 :D

Actually entry ini adalah kesinambungan daripada My Story #1My Story #2 dan My Story #3.

So, here it is.

I don't really remember what was the exact time I was transferred from the Labour Room to the ward. After I came out from the Labour Room, there are so many people waiting outside, not my relative la, I mean other people. I thanked God because I was finally transferred to the ward. According to other Mommies stories from KK Mommies, some of them had experienced up to 12 hours to get transferred because there were no vacant bed at that time. I thanked God because I don't have to wait that LONG.

I was sent by a nurse to Ward No. 6, Kenanga 2. My mom and younger sister wanted to accompany me and my baby to the Ward but they are not allowed since it was late night already. They are 6 beds in the Ward and only one bed was vacant which is mine. I was excited because I know the person next to my bed, her name is Rahayu, we used to live at the same village. I wondered why her baby was not with her during that time but I was really tired to ask, all I wanted to do was to take bath. So I asked her help to watch over my baby while I take a quick shower. But, belum pun sempat mau mandi, saya dengar suda baby nangis2, so cukup la setakat berus gigi dan cuci muka :D

I wanted to breastfeed my baby but there was no milk supply at that moment :( So, i gave my baby formula milk (of course la curi2 bagi, kalau tidak mau kena marah) hehehe.

I was really tired but all I can say is I don't have a good sleep that night because my baby was so cranky. :( I put him on my arms almost the whole night.

The next morning there was a Doctor (Male) who was on duty to check our (mummy & baby) condition. It was damn too early (6.30am) and I was so sleepy. While waiting for the Doctor, I ask my 'neighbour' about her baby. She told me that she was actually delivered a baby boy, but he is pre-matured and sent to NICU, Level 3. Oh my God... her baby was very small... he is only 1.2kg because he was delivered on his 30th weeks. He couldn't breath by himself. So pity... She told me that this is actually her second and the first one was also pre-matured but her elder son was alright (delivered at 32nd weeks) and his weight is normal which is 2.5kg. Her elder son is now 5 years old. I thanked God once again because my baby is matured even though he is delivered 2 weeks earlier.

I heard she asked the Doctor for how long her baby will be staying at NICU. According to the Doctor, he will be staying at NICU for at least three months :( Poor baby.

I guess that's all for now... Will continue Story #5 (god willing).

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nc said...

ba, sa tggu story # 5 ni.. :)

kesian juga itu baby yg premature kn.. 1.2kg, punya kecil itu.
tpi tak pa.. kalau kena pgi NICU, yg penting baby tu slamat juga kn.


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