Sep 20, 2011

Ladies Outing

Posted by lydia1212 at 5:36 PM

Once again Cath-J's Guest Blogger's Segment has caught my attention. 

It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.

So, my outfit during the day gonna be like shown below :D

Ladies Outing

Ladies Outing by lydia1212 featuring silk chiffon scarves

Descriptions :

1) Women's Mcq Sleeveless Drape Top - MYR375
2) Ladies Print Pallazo Trousers - MYR88
3) Wedges - Casual Heels - MYR93
4) Tan Floral Saddle Bag - MYR73
5) Indie Spirit Wide Bracelet - MYR260
6) Pink & Purple Couture Crystal Flower Earings - MYR115
7) Salvatore Ferragamo Printed Silk-Chiffon Scarf - MYR445

Tidak juga mahal sangat la kan... except item no 1 & 7.

11 whisperer[s]:

chegu carol said...

I love your choice...just ngam for that meet up. not too fancy but still stylish especially the's making a come back, that pallazo trousers. Love!

Bah jumpa di meet up itu nanti! ;)

Kenny said...

simple and nice :)

lydia1212 said...

simple ja kan? adui malu la sya mau jumpa kamurang ni (kunun) hehe

Deanona said...

hey there! nice pick of outfit! lama sdh tdk nampak org pakai seluar bunga2 kan.. really match with the plain blue tops :)

AnnieMing said...

Yours is more to floral kan Lydia. :D But I like it tho!

nc said...

a floral choice :) i LiKE ;)
siok nya mau begambar2 kn.. kalu kita smua bejumpa betul2 ni..hehe

CathJ said...

very nice... wah... kalau mau beli betul2 boleh ni tau... hihihi... tapi tu scarf la paling manang.... ^_^

let's shopping... ^_^

Aemy Shamy said...

spring style! i love it..especially the pants..what a great choice! ^^

lydia1212 said...

thanks everyone :)

♡ a-Me ♡ said...

wah.. simple & beautiful.. I love the earing, bracelet & heels.. :)

debrajill said...

floral design is just so cute kan~! saya suka jua ni..i was looking for flowery dress ba but didnt find the one that I like~ hehe..


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