Aug 12, 2011

My Story #3

Posted by lydia1212 at 11:58 PM
Hi and Hola.

Maybe it's the last part of the story. Just MAYBE ;p

I was sent to the Labour Room, it was 6.30pm. An Indian Lady Doc was in-charge during that time. She asked me same questions like when I was in PAC. Thanks God I didn't encounter any problems/ complications during my pregnancy such as BP problems, Glucose etc, except the Placenta Previa in my early pregnancy and breech baby during my 32nd weeks.

I was attached with the CTG thingy -  I've just got to know the name of the machine from my brother this morning. It was attached to my tummy to monitor baby's heart.

Honestly, I was in pain during that time. Macam mau berak betul. Can not tahan oh. After the Lady Doc asked me several questions, I was left all alone, until I am fully dilated - 10cm. Nasib ada bell ba untuk ditekan. Tapi tidak guna juga sebab dorang suruh tunggu until 10cm. They said I might fully dilated at 9.00p.m or later than that. What? Seriously? It means I have to wait for another 2/3 hours? Betul2 sakit sudah, yang betul2 macam mau terberanak sudah tapi masi kena suruh tunggu, itu bidan cakap, kalau sakit mau beranak mau tunggu itu contractions punya bacaan sampai 50. Ngam ka tu ah hehe. Actually there was a machine attached to the wall, everytime sakit perut saya tinguk tu bacaan (walau yang paling sakit sekali pun itu bacaan 30++ saja). Adui... macam mana la rasa sakit dia kalau tu bacaan sampai 50 tu ah? I press the bell 3 times tapi masih lagi kena suruh tunggu. Dorang cakap, jangan dulu PUSH nanti rahim koyak. Berabis saya tahan tapi rasa mau Push tu actually datang automatically bah. I asked the bidan lagi, saya nda Push tapi betul2 nda boleh tahan sudah. I was really in pain suda masa tu. Ngam2 masa tu ada tu Lady Doc sana and tiba2 dia cakap 'Buli Suda, buli suda, padahal belum kena check bukaan lagi, masa tu dekat2 jam 8 sudah. Kelam-kabut juga la dorang masa tu - ada 3 orang; the Lady Doc, bidan dan pelatih. Bila saya dengar tu Doc cakap 'buli sudah', I berabis PUSH, 3x push kalau nda silap & my baby came out. What a relief :)

I don't remember much actually because everything happened so fast :) My very first question was 'my baby ok, Doc?', and she answered my baby is alright. I almost cry when I first heard him cry. The Lady Doc asked whether I already know my baby's gender or not. I'm not sure actually because I never bother to know. I wanted it to be surprised from the first place. I did asked the Doctors who did several ultrasounds during monthly check-ups, but I never take it seriously. 'Is it baby girl, Doc?'. When my baby was handed to me, I am surprised, seriously, because it's a boy :) I still remember during my 1st trimester, I told a friend of mine that I have an instinct, a strong instinct indeed that I'm carrying a baby boy in my tummy... it was because I never like to wear any make-ups, lipsticks or whatsoever like every woman does. As time goes by, even I never bother, I hope it's a girl, and I actually had chose a nice name for 'her', but that was not important anymore... I've got to accept the fact that my baby is a boy... and he's a healthy baby boy indeed. My baby was handed at me and they lied him down on my chest. He's crying but I was so happy :) The 'JM' started to 'repair' the tears and it was the toughest part I had to endure. Seriously. Sakit bah. 

They finished their work almost 9.00pm and they left me all alone, without my baby. They didn't change my clothes or even cleaning the 'bloods' on my bedsheet. Mungkin pasal tukar shift sudah so they left the task to one another. Sungguh tidak patut. But I can rest lah (kasi sinang hati). I was sent to the ward at 11.00 something. Imagine how long I have to wait. I sat down on a wheelchair with my baby. One of the nurses sent me out from the labour room and I was happy seeing my mom was waiting (with my sister) outside the labour room. They asked me my baby's gender, and I said 'LUCAS'. Actually dorang main2, kalo baby boy mau kasi nama dia si Lucas hehe... My mom handed me foods, lapar bah masa tu...lepas bersalin kena kasi minum Milo cair saja hehehe.

Bah nanti saya sambung lagi, buli? 

7 whisperer[s]:

AnnieMing said...

Hi Lydia! Congrats once again for the birth of your beautiful baby boy ya :D

Sa sekaligus baca ko punya birth story. Terus berdebar-debar sa ni bila yang ko bilang ko belum sempat dapat blessing hubby lagi ni sebelum bersalin. I was actually touched when you said your mum 'blessed' you before you went to the Labour Room.. ;-D Hehe! Bah looking forward for the continuation of your birth story.. Biar la sampai part 5, 6, sa mau juga baca.. Take care!

nc said...

congrats again :)
aiya..ada sambungan lagi kah mau baca juga ni tau.

u r blessed with a smooth delivery kn..may God bless ur baby boy :)

lydia1212 said...

Annie : yabah, nasib ada blessing from my mum.. nda sempat call hubby lg masa tu :( thank u so much for reading my story hehe :)

Nc : thanks god for that. can't wait to hear ur story :)

AngeL BeaR said...

congratulations for your new baby!

~felicia~ said...

Hi lyd...
what a relief kan masa sdh tue baby kluar kan...
bila sa baca kan, ada benda yg kasi ingat sa masa sa beranak c jayden...

1."rasa mau berak" biarpun sdh kana kasi berak..

2. Tidak kana suruh push until bukaan 10cm kan..but rasa 'terpush' sndiri juga ne...

3. 6 hours sengsara tahan labour contraction...1 hour kana jahit, but xsampai 2hours la mau tggu pindah p ward..hehhe..

anyhow, Congratzzz!!

lydia1212 said...

Angel : thanks :)

Cia : 6jam? atukoi lamanya... 1 jam lebih sya tggu sya rasa lama juga :(

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Akhirnya sya dpt baca juga part three. I hope mine will smooth one jg..

take care Lydia.. Thanks for sharing this.


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