Aug 14, 2011

'My Boys Over Flowers'

Posted by lydia1212 at 3:51 PM
Hi and Hola.

I am a bit sad today. My tears run down from my cheeks. After two weeks of spending time with my hubby, he has to go back again to his workplace. But I am going to treat it as if he is going away for outstation because he will be back again in two weeks time. The difficult part is he won't be there to accompany me to wake up at nights to feed our little boy and the hardest part is I still feel his presence in this room.

These two weeks has been a great moment for me. He helped me a lot with house chores and within that short time I saw so much of him that I learned to appreciate and felt thankful to God for letting me know and have him as a husband.  I might never really realize it before of what a wonderful person he is. Even though we're almost broken up once, I think I did have chosen the best man in my life and I'll never regret my decision.  I always believe God bestowed him to me. God must have loved me so much to bless me with a wonderful man like him to cherish me for the rest of my life.

I can say I have been a 'strong' person all this while, in any ways. I've been apart from him for almost ten years, I've been living far away from my family, alone, for almost 4 years now, and I've been through some hard times all by myself.

I am thankful to God, because of the long distance and hard times that I've been through, I am now more matured and could stand on my own feet. I admit that there are times when I kneel down saying prayers to God with tears in my cheeks, begging HIM to answer my prayers so that my Dear Husband will get a job here in Sabah.  But I know God knows the best for us, maybe it's not the time yet, or it's just a matter of time. I believe that somehow, someday, we will be together.

I am indeed very much blessed.

2 whisperer[s]:

StellaClaire-Richard said...

I hope someday ur husband will get job in Sabah. Prayer for u..

AnnieMing said...

Sabar ya.. I pray for you too. I'm sure he can't stop thinking about you and his baby even if he's away. You're a strong woman and keep it that way.. *hugss*


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