Aug 20, 2011

Once in a Lifetime Wedding Gown

Posted by lydia1212 at 2:14 PM

 I couldn't resist to join Blog Guest :)

Hi and Hola.

I don't have a so-called-dream-wedding-gown actually. 
Because I am one-of-a-kind-plus-sized-woman, so apa yang muat I juz grabbed for it.
 I love white wedding gown, I wore ONE while walking down on the aisle and THREE during my studio + outdoor photo-shoot. Haha.
Tamak kan?

Actual Wedding Day - This gown cost me A LOT coz I rented it from other Bridal (EVER BEST). 

Studio Photo Shoot

Outdoor - Tg. Aru Beach - My favourite!

10 whisperer[s]:

AnnieMing said...

I luv itu yang ruffles on your skirt.. :D Nice!

lydia1212 said...

Annie : thanks... plus-sized ba susa mau cari gown yg cantik, nasib ada juga yg muat hehe... btw, ko punya gown pun smart :)

nc said...

ramai kita yg suka ada ruffles2 kn..hehe..cantik ba :)

CathJ said...

I was a plum size lady juga.. tapi pi paksa pakai tu dress... nah ada keluar sikit tu daging hihihi... anyway your dress a awesome... I love itu tingkat2... ^_^

Thank you for joining ah.. ^_^

lydia1212 said...

Nc : ya... cantik ba..

Cath : Sya main tangkap muat saja hehe... My pleasure :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Agree with nc.. Cantik oh tu gown ko lydia :)

Isabel said...

Hi Lydia!

Ya, I like the ruffles too. Never mind what we wore on our wedding days, yang penting the marriage ceremony ba kan.:)

chegu carol said...

Your gown punya skirt detail reminds me of si annie and nc punya gowns.

AngelineJ said...

I must say the ruffles on your skirt gorgeous la.... Love it!

Just said...

waaa.. ramai jg yg minat sama ruffles gown ni..


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