Aug 5, 2011

My Story #1

Posted by lydia1212 at 11:16 PM
Hi and Hola.

Today I would like to share a story ... a story about the day I  bring my Dear Son to this world ... hehe...
My EDD (expected Due Date) was supposed to be tomorrow (6 Aug 2011). But my baby can't really wait, I delivered him @38weeks + 1day, it was 2 weeks ago. Yeah, my DS aged 2 weeks :)

It was a fine Saturday morning when I felt something discomfort.... I mean I was having back pain when I woke up that early morning... it's about 5 or 6 a.m... I woke up very early that morning because I had planned to go to Tamparuli town with my parents to have 'sau mai' at our favourite restaurant. I was a bit blur, asking myself 'is this the sign that I'm going to deliver my baby soon?' I never know the labour signs, I did read and asked my family and friends' experiences... but still not sure.... the signs was not always the same...

I took my bath and washed my hair immediately... Sempat lagi pigi 'poo' hehe... After finished my shower, I told my mother about my 'discomfort' and she asked me whether I still want to go to town or not. I said yes, and told her that I better do some walks so I will dilate faster.

We reached at town at 8 a.m and I really had a pleasant breakfast that morning :)
 At least I won't crave for 'sau mai' during my confinement period later, in case I will deliver earlier than the expected date. By the time I finished my breakfast, I felt the 'contractions'... Is it the contractions? How do I know since this is my first time? I guess so... Baby start 'mengeras' sudah masa tu... everytime baby mengeras, perut pun sakit... Sempat lagi pigi beli lihing, baldi, susu baby (in case tiada milk supply masa tu... nanti baby lapar). And I kept on asking myself... Is this  the day?

We went back home at 11 a.m... Contractions in every 15/20 minutes... Sakit... Tapi masih bole tahan la... I told my hubby... Hubby suruh baby tunggu sampai dia balik on 29th July... Oh my... ;p

I went to the toilet so many times just to check if I had blood spot or whatsoever... Tapi tiada tanda2 darah or water bag pecah.... so I was like... should I go to the hospital or not... tiada spot pun... betul2 blur...

I remembered I was lying on the sofa for hours that day... 
And still thinking about going to the hospital or not.... 
Took my lunch at 1 p.m... Makan kuih 'kouchung' lagi :)
Later at 2 - 3 p.m, the contractions is every 5/10 minutes.... Then I asked my mom to tell my uncle to send me to the hospital.... I didn't tell my DH that I was on the way going to the hospital, the reason was I might be embarrassed if the Doctors ask me to go home because it's not the 'time' yet ;p, and I almost left my 'hospital bag' at home for the same reason :D

What will happen next?

~ To be Continued ~

3 whisperer[s]:

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..cant wait for the next post..:)

nc said...

congrats lydia.. :) now we're mummies :) tiada cerita yg interesting2 mcm ni time deliver..hehe..

lydia1212 said...

Stella : ada suda my story #2

nc : tidak interesting pun tapi i'm sure it was the best moment for u :)


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