Oct 12, 2011

New Life, New Semester

Posted by lydia1212 at 8:42 PM
Hi and Hola. It's been a while I didn't blog any stories here, right? 
Only some random photos I managed to upload. Hehe. 
FYI, I am still under 3 months maternity leave, don't envy me much ;p 

Yes, I am on maternity leave, I thought I gonna have plenty of time to update my blog, but I was totally wrong. 
Being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mommy) doesn't mean I don't have to do anything or just 'goyang kaki' at home. 
My baby keeps me occupied ALL THE TIME. 
I am sure all the Mommies Bloggers know what I mean. 
I tell you, a motherhood is really a challenging phase of life, especially the very first month. 
Honestly, I almost lost my patience once because of my lil' son and on one beautiful night, he almost made me to cry, but I kept telling myself that everything gonna be alright. 
All I can say is I am still adapting my new life-phase at this moment, life is all about learning, right?

New semester had started last September, but our 'Seminar' only started on 1st October. 
I took 4 courses this semester, but only 2 courses got final exam which will be held in January 2012. 
I passed my exam with good grades last semester, and of course, I aim for the 'DL' title this time, haha. 
Wish me luck. 
The best part is I am taking Mandarin. FYI, we need to choose either Mandarin or Arabic, and I chose Mandarin :) 
I've learned Mandarin before, but it was not formal learning since I only learned from friends and my younger sister/ brother. 
I can understand simple conversation but gosh, it's not easy to pronounce the proper 'pin yin'

4 whisperer[s]:

chegu carol said...

i oso enjoyed my Mandarin class last time. and like u, i also learned mandarin from listening to my mom conversing with her chinese family and friends. jadi bila masuk mandarin class, semua yg selalu kena sebut2 become clearer. but then again, 4 semesters not enough to get me master the spoken language. kalau suruh dingar, ah buli lah saya.

Isabel said...


I've finally finished my Mandarin course, thank goodness! Enjoyed learning it but hate the writing Hanzi part. Too tedious! Good luck with ur new semester!:)

Cathj said...

Like that la life, sometimes we need to control our mind to be very positive to handle the lil one.. Like my baby ni.. Oh mencabar.. I need to bemore stronger mental and fizikal.. Itu sabar kena panjangggggggggg..... :)

Take care.. And all the best.. :)

nc said...

dont worry Lydia :) thought we're not super human.. we can stil super do it hehe..
take care :)


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