Oct 11, 2011

Cath-j's Blog Guest: Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Posted by lydia1212 at 7:49 PM

This is a segment I look forward every time I hoped by Cath-j's Blog. This week, once again, I can choose anything I want to wear which can be 'bought' on Polyvore

This is the 'rules' :

" Kim Kardashian invited you to her wedding.. and as you all know the wedding dress code will be BLACK and WHITE.. you don’t follow the dress code.. you will not allowed to enter to the wedding reception… "

Dare to see my 'imagination' ?

Imagine I wore a Platinum and Diamond Star Stud   and Luxury Platinum Eternity Ring, which costs me MYR 19,465 and MYR 13,005 respectively (of course I can't afford these items), but since she's a well known celebrity, why not, once in a blue moon.

I'm so in love with my 'dressing' that day! :D

Have fun!

7 whisperer[s]:

debrajill said...

Hi lydia! your handbag and earring is cute! i think the laces heel is a trend ni~ a lot people love it including me~ hehe

nc said...

wow..pilihan2 yg menawan.. :)

beaty said...

i love the shoe..ada lace ni skit2 :)

Rose Flower said...

I luv your shoes and clutch.

Edith said...

like! esp the shoes hehe...sama kan :)

Aemy Shamy said...

loving the dress & shoes!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

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