Oct 5, 2011

Cath-j.com Giveaway : The Recipe Book

Posted by lydia1212 at 3:30 PM

Hi and Hola. How do you feel today?  
Even though I am struggling with my life as a mother, 
a student and a government servant, 
I feel happy, 
yes I am.

Cath-J is conducting a Giveaway at the moment. 
All I can say is she is very kind-hearted because we don't have to answer questions, 
or whatever puzzles to be solved,
all we got to do is to blog about this Giveaway and Link to her blog.
Sinang kan, macam makan kacang. Hehe inda bah..

I guess it's all about 'Luck' la kan because there will be only 1 winner.
She will use the auto pick winner or may be just ask her boy to pick 1 name from a jar.

I admit that cooking is the thing I dread the most. 
Tapi saya pandai masak juga tau, sikit-sikit la, belum sampai tahap boleh buka restoran ;p

The title of the Book is 'The Italy’s 500 Best Ever Recipes'.... 
Wow... I like...

To all bloggers who wanna join this Giveaway, 
please click HERE immediately because it will be closed at Friday (midnight).
All the best :)

5 whisperer[s]:

Rose Flower said...

Hi there, blog hop from cath-j.com giveaway. Nice blog you have here and love to follow you. Do visit me sometimes.

Good luck.

lydia1212 said...

thank u rose, glad to know u :)

Cathj said...

Thank you for joining ya... and Gud luck to you....


Cathj said...

1 more thing Lydia.. pls put link on the badge ya..thank you.. :)

lydia1212 said...

ok cath.. sorry... my bad..

thanks :)


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