May 18, 2010

District's Harvest Festival

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Yippie~ it’s Kaamatan! The District where I work held their Kaamatan at 15th May 2010.

I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning coz the journey to Paitan would take 2 to 3 hours. Last year’s Kaamatan was held at Beluran, so it’s Paitan turn for this year festival. Waiting for my my friend and his fiancée to fetch me at 5.00 am as promised, I don’t have enough sleep actually and it’s so cold. ~Yawn~

The journey was smoothed coz it’s still early….i wanted to sleep but I cannot bcoz of the road conditions. Sooo bad! It became worse when we reached “Bukit Ular”jalan yang bengkang-bengkok – my former officer said “durang” mau kasi cukup kilometer saja ini – LOL : dunno how true it is.

Finally, we reached Paitan at 7.30am, reach there 1 hour earlier as expected. Thanks to the “Driver” a.k.a Walter H. Chang. Firstly, we went to a Quarters where some of our staffs stay since 12th May 2010 for the preparation of the festival (gotong-royong). Resting for a while and had our breakfast (Wholemeal Bread plus Tuna Chilli with Mayonnaise which I “tapau” all the way from Beluran. LOL. While having breakfast, I was told by the Committee that they wanted me to be one of the Judges for the Unduk Ngadau; since I had the same experience last year, I was excited and happy for the task. Even it’s not an easy task, but juz like it *wink-wink*

After that, we went to “Pentas Rakyat” where the Sugandoi Kaamatan competition was held. It was raining but I can say there are many people attended there. I LOVE the spirit~ We stay there until the Guest of Honour reached at 11.00am. Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin accompanied by some of the Department Officers all over the District, included Tn. Rajibi Hj. Aman (District’s Officer). After some speeches and the “Acara Mengetam Padi” we moved to Pejabat Daerah Kecil Paitan and had our lunch there.

I am so hungry hohoho…. the foods are very satisfying, I can say more than 10 dishes provided, includes the “ulam-ulam, belangkas (yarkk, saya tidak pernah makan yang ini, tp sya suka itu telur), hinava, sayur pucuk umbut“, crab and so on I don’t have to mention here. We are so full. LOL. Credit to the Organizer’s Commitee

With my firends: Raima, Maliah & Dina

 The Winners

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