Aug 6, 2012

Long Pause

Posted by lydia1212 at 4:11 PM
Hi and Hola.
Finally, I'm back after a long pause hehehe. 

I've been very busy with my studies actually. I need to maintan GPA 3.00++ and it ain't easy for me. Aimed 3.50++ but I couldn't achieve it. Sigh. I need to work more harder. The examination's result has came out yesterday and my CGPA increased, I am HAPPY.

First 6 months every year also a bit stressed for me because I need to finish the Council's Yearly Balance Sheet and Income Statement to be audited and it requires lots of paperworks. I am glad because my paperworks preparations has improved a lot according to the Auditor besides we maintained the "Sijil Bersih" title as the past years.

For some unavoidable reasons I have to send J.R's back to the village which he is now under my parents' custody. This is not what I've wished for but seeing him in the good hands of his grandparents is the only option I could make. Even though I've to travel almost every single weekend just to see him, I would take it.

J.R turned 1 year-old recently but his celebration has been postponed to 25th August bcoz his Papa will come back on that day. But, I brought him to see his Papa in Selangor recently.

At Divine Mercy's Church


J.R was actually looking at a cute lil' girl LoL


3 whisperer[s]:

chegu carol said...

studying while having to juggle with day work and being mom/parents is never an easy task. kalo buli score result bagus, memang salute la. bah best of all in your study lyd :)

lydia1212 said...

ya ba chegu.. apa lagi time exam sana juga la c J.R demam.. thank you :)

Phoebe said...

Hi Lydia,
Salute you for being able to juggle work, studies and being a mom all at once. Hang in there!


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