Feb 5, 2012


Posted by lydia1212 at 11:59 PM
It's been a while, ya, I know :)

I think I'm in the mood of blogging again and I'm thinking to create a new one. Just wait and see :)

I brought J.R with me here recently. Hmm.. I send him to his nanny at 7.30am everyday, and of course I feed and bathed him earlier. Brief introduction about his nanny, she is actually my colleague's wife, she is a SAHM. A lovely wife, mother of a 10mo daughter.

Feeding time

He's my gift from Santa ^.*

J.R with his Nanny's daughter, Erica Kaori
That's all for now.

2 whisperer[s]:

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Besar sdh jr kan ;)

AnnieMing said...

After a long pause, you're back again Lyd! :D Jangan stop blogging ah supaya kami bulih baca your experience kasi besar baby. Hehe.. Bah let us know kalau ada URL terkini yaa..


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